RESA - Unearthing Skills Solutions



RESA is an advisory and consulting agency providing organisational and workforce development services for the mining and resources sector in South Australia. RESA build capability and productivity for improvement of the mining and resources sector, and its supply chain.

RESA uses a wide range of tools to:

  • Develop and facilitate the delivery of projects to increase the availability and productivity of the workforce, including learning and development  and training projects,
  • Undertake business research and identify gaps and issues in skills of the resources industry workforce and develops solutions to those problems,
  • Work with business and government to translate policy and navigate government programs facilitating business access to coordinated and supported solutions and
  • Broker funding support for organisational development projects.

Our Purpose

RESA will contribute to the development of the resources and related sectors’ capability and workforce for improved business, social and economic outcomes in South Australia.

Our Vision

By 2018 RESA will be the leading organisational and workforce development agency in Australia providing services to develop people in the mining, energy and related supply chain companies that comprise the resources industry, and will;

  • deliver effective workforce solutions that improve skills and knowledge and connect people to employment opportunities in resources industry, and
  • build the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of the resources industry workforce.

Our Mission:

To achieve our vision RESA will build:

  • Advocate for resources sector skills: Consult with and establish representative views on skill, training and education matters impacting organisations in the industry and advocate to State and Commonwealth governments for improvements and changes.
  • The future workforce: Identify, understand and forecast the future workforce needs of the resources industry and address skills, training and education gaps, taking into consideration transitioning workers, career pathways and potential changes in productivity, technology, demographics and other factors, where possible.
  • Improved industry standards: Improve the quality, timeliness, cost effectiveness and relevance of resource sector training by proactively identifying and solving market gaps, particularly by facilitating delivery of the right skills, to the right people, at the right time.
  • Leadership: Be “thought leaders” and developers of intellectual property for relevant human capital, organisational development and productivity issues and communicate to the industry the related opportunities, challenges and threats in ways that can be understood by all.

Our Values

  • Teamwork: Develop our skills, work together and support each other
  • Responsiveness: Strive for simplicity, speed and efficiency.
  • Entrepreneurship: Constantly look at how our products and services deliver value to our customers and stakeholders and seek innovation, growth and opportunity  development for our business.
  • Collaboration: Seek partners as a first and preferred course of action.
  • Integrity and social responsibility: Every activity is identified, planned and developed in an ethical and socially responsible manner.