RESA - Unearthing Skills Solutions



RESA Achievements During 2014

RESA is extremely proud of accomplishments made during the past 12 months and some of these are listed below:

* Facilitated over 1,500 upskilling qualifications for the resources industry

* Brokered $4.3M in funding support for the resources industry

* Attracted $1.6M of resources industry contribution to skills development

* Contracted brokered training with over 85 resources/oil & gas companies across Australia

* 150 delegates attended the second annual, highly successful Skills and Workforce Summit



Delegates networking at the 2013 Sklls Summit

* Delivered two significant research pieces analysing the industry:

       1. South Australian Resources Workforce Scoping Report 2013 to 2020

       2. South Australian Future Mining Workforce Report 2014 to 2030

* Successfully launched the SA Resources careers portal

* Developed aggregated State and Federal funding bids on behalf of industry

* Acted as an industry careers advocate, performing regional and metropolitan career road shows and presentations to school students including co-funding new careers DVD with DMITRE/SACOME.