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South Australia Mining and Energy Jobs Report Vacancy Analysis - December 2017


South Australia Mining and Energy Jobs Report Vacancy Analysis - December 2017

9 January 2018

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The Resources and Engineering Skills Alliance collects and analyses South Australian resources sector jobs data and has done so for more than five years.  The Resources and Engineering Skills Alliance’s South Australia Mining and Energy Jobs Report is a leading indicator of hiring intentions and market sentiment.  

In December 2017, 245 mining and resources advertisements for jobs were placed for roles in South Australia, an increase from November and the second highest result reported in the past 2 years. This is a promising result, especially with the expected slowing of jobs advertised due to shutdowns in the holiday period.

Job Ads analysis for 2016-17 indicates that the number of jobs advertised has remained significantly and consistently higher when indexed in a simple comparison against the corresponding month in the previous year.  The graph below shows shows this year’s result as a percentage of the previous year’s advertisements. Nineteen months of positive growth provides a leading indicator of employment intentions (labour demand) in the South Australian Mining Industry.

Graph 3 shows that in December 2017 there was a shift to Trade roles being the most in demand. One vacancy for 50 laggers accounts for almost half of the listed trade level vacancies. Professional roles and Operator roles continued to be the next most in demand.

The occupational breakdown for December shows an increase in the proportion Maintenance and Mechanical/ Metal occupations.

In December the Adelaide metropolitan area continued to be the region for the majority of the positions advertised. With Coober Pedy and Outback SA continuing to be the second most advertised region.

In addition, 55% of the roles advertised were explicitly for non-metropolitan South Australia. Of the vacancies advertised in Adelaide 12% were for Business Services (down from 28% last month) and 28% were for Engineering/ Engineering Management. Of the listed Adelaide vacancies 36% are for roles likely to be undertaken in regional SA.

Of the vacancies advertised in Coober Pedy and Outback SA 28% were for Mechanical/Metal - Maintenance, 31% Equipment Operators, followed by 14% Engineering/ Engineering Management.

This is a positive indicator for regional employment as projects in the regions are continuing to be developed and operated.  

During December the number of positions advertised was more than double the vacancies listed in the same period in 2016.  This continues consistent growth in employment opportunities in the resources sector since February 2016.

Job opportunities have been listed by over 64 individual companies made up of mining companies, recruitment and labour hire companies and METS sector organisations. This represents a very diverse workforce for the sector.


Jodie Badcock - RESA

Author: Jodie Badcock


Jodie has over 20 years’ experience in the development and implementation of employment and educational programs. She has project managed national industry driven government funded programs ($5m) and, as a technical specialist, managed the maintenance and development of the Australian nationally endorsed competencies and qualifications for the resources and infrastructure sectors.

Her experience has included industry and enterprise workforce analysis and capability studies commissioned by state government and industry bodies, particularly in mining and the civil construction sectors. She has experience in project management, workforce planning and compliance, program development and implementation, facilitating industry consultation and contract management.

Jodie has worked in Central America and the United Kingdom and provided VET consulting/advisory services to companies in Malaysia.