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Supporting Supply Chain Success in an Improving Resources Sector


Supporting Supply Chain Success in an Improving Resources Sector

20 February 2018

The Australian Mining, Resources and Energy sector is growing again with SEEK reporting it had the fastest jobs growth for 2017. These results are due to an increase in production activities with projects coming out of care of maintenance and new projects coming on board, in 2018 the growth is expected to continue.

The Sector consists not only of the major mining companies but is significantly supported by its supply chain of Mining, Equipment, Technology and Services or METS businesses, that provide employment for 386,000 Australians. The Australian Resources sectors are amongst the safest and most efficient in the world, and many of the METS companies in its supply chain are competitive regionally, nationally and internationally.  The growth of the sector has meant that new opportunities are opening to businesses in civil construction, engineering, technology and other services to become METS companies and prosper on the world stage.

Australia is a vast country with the majority of our resources projects in remote areas, development of the regions is important because engaging local companies creates jobs and opportunities assisting regional areas to thrive. In the world of big mining and mega projects, it is often difficult for small businesses to compete or even to know where to start.  The resources industry needs local suppliers and innovators.

In the Resources Ready program, RESA Australia is delivering world class professional development training to METS supply chain companies to help new and growing METS businesses open the doors to opportunities. Results to date have been outstanding with attendees saying the program has been transformational for their business and life changing.

Resources Ready workshops take place one day per month over 6 months, blending face to face coordinated discussion, facilitation and mentoring, with online access to the best and most up-to-date subject matter experts in the resources, business and commercialisation fields from the national and international stage. 

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Phil de Courcey - RESA

Author: Phil de Courcey

B.Comm, MBA, Adv. Dipl HR, Cert IV Training and Education

Phil has considerable experience in commercial and financial management, including development of businesses. He has had executive and financial responsibilities and has contributed to the leadership of a range of organisations, where he operated in the development of skills and capability of companies.

He has experience in finance, marketing and project analysis and management.  Prior to his current role he was the CEO of the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC).

Phil has extensive experience and success in the delivery of international trade programs, including planning and leading missions to the UK, Spain, the Middle East, China, Singapore and the US markets.  Phil has contributed to the development of several key industry export plans across multiple sectors and is heavily involved with the South Australian training sector.