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[EXTEND] PACE Supply Chain Development Program

[EXTEND] PACE Supply Chain Development Program

[EXTEND] 2017: Access Global Supply Chains

EXTEND: guides METS Companies through a collaborative mentoring program that develops skills, business tools and growth strategies to enter global supply chains in the resources sector.

EXTEND is a collaborative mentoring program delivered by Austmine for companies in the Mining Equipment, Technologies and Services (METS) sector from South Australia which are positioned to capture business growth opportunities in the international mining and energy markets. Supported by the Government of South Australia as an extension of the PACE Supply Chain Development Program, EXTEND is designed to develop skills, tools and strategies to prepare your business for future mining, how to win work through collaboration and connect globally.

EXTEND will include a series of interactive workshops and webinars that will be conducted by professional business mentors and coaches who are international experts in the mining and energy industry. The workshops will involve collaborative activities between the participating METS companies, invited Tier 1 suppliers and engineering companies as well as mining companies. EXTEND will ultimately focus on how to effectively respond to the mining companies’ needs to reduce costs, increase productivity and operate safely in a socially responsible manner. The question miners often ask a prospective supplier is: ‘How can you save us money…NOW?’ This will be a key theme underpinning the EXTEND program.


EXTEND will be delivered for 8-10 METS companies in Adelaide between July and September 2017 and will focus on 3 modules during 3x 1-day workshops and 2x webinars:

  1. Workshop 1: Gear Up for Future Mining: will provide the participants with the right skills and tools to connect operational needs with commercial imperatives and adapt their businesses for future smart mining.
  2. Workshop 2: Connect to Win Work: will equip the participants with the ability to develop a collaborative business model with other METS and miners to grow capability and capacity to win work.
  3. Workshop 3: Access Major Supply Chains: will develop insights on how to capture supply opportunities with major mining companies on large scale projects in Australia and in overseas. Understanding the modern procurement practices, effectively responding to tenders and overcoming integrity risks will be the key deliverables of this module.

The workshops will include team-building activities between the participants, coaching interaction with the mentors, presentations by mining companies and large METS companies and networking with other relevant stakeholders from industry and government. The webinars between the workshops will provide the opportunity to access representatives of mining companies in Australia and in overseas (e.g. USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, Chile). Participants will also have access to Austmine’s resources, social media networks via LinkedIn, Twitter; and to over 400 company members in Australian and beyond.


EXTEND is for METS companies based in South Australia that are:

  • Looking at expanding their business reach to other Australian and international markets in the resources industry
  • Having experience in exporting and/or overseas presence
  • Seeking to collaborate with their peers in growing capability and capacity
  • Focussing on innovation in their business and transforming products & services.


EXTEND will bring like-minded METS companies from South Australia, together with large manufacture and engineering companies, and miners to learn how to develop closer working relationships and thus access opportunities in the major global supply chains. The program will also provide invaluable insights from and connection with industry experts, experienced individuals and strategic thinkers of the global resources sector.


The cost to participate in the EXTEND program for each company is $1,850 + GST. This contribution can be used against additional B2B mentoring sessions or to offset the cost of the registration fee for any 2017 Austmine mining missions to USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, Ghana or New Caledonia.

For more information contact:

Robert Trzebski

Tel: (02) 9357 4660

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