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Professional Development

Professional Development

RESOURCES READY [PD] workshops are targeted, cost effective, high level short courses linked to industry and company professional development needs.

RESOURCES READY: Professional Development (PD) is delivered by RESA to companies in the Mining Operations, Mining Equipment, Technology and Services industries.


  • customised programs contextualised to company needs
  • a short 2-3 hour session aimed at upskilling business leaders and employees
  • access to:
    • nationally endorsed competency standards, if required
    • industry leaders delivering key elements of the professional development sessions
  • a single point of contact for program development

Throughout the delivery of RESOURCES READY [PD] RESA liaises closely with companies to ensure that their expectations are met.


  • Targeted solutions - Every RESOURCES READY [PD] program is tailored to company requirements. Programs are flexible to meet the business needs and additional topics can be developed as required.
  • Credible and proven facilitators – RESA has established networks with industry leaders to ensure that the highest quality facilitators deliver engaging, interactive learning.
  • Fully flexible programs responsive to company priorities – RESA will take the time to clearly define company requirements and identify and engage suitable facilitators.
  • Less time and effort in program development – RESA will manage the resource development, venue and monitor program delivery.
  • Cost effective - let RESA do the work, source the facilitator and develop the program all for a cost effective price.
  • Learn from Industry Leaders - RESA’s established networks have a wealth of resources sector expertise and best practise knowledge.

Programs Available

A wide range of Resources Ready PD is available for short programs that can be delivered to suit specific needs.

Topics already developed include:

  • Managing People, Managing Performance
  • Leadership
  • Unconscious bias
  • Site Safety Essentials
  • Mining Essentials
  • Managing employees
  • Changing behaviors
  • Building employee resilience
  • LEAN management principles

Programs may vary in duration from a single workshop to an extended schedule of delivery depending on the outcomes to be achieved and the most effective strategy identified to achieve them.

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