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Resources Ready 2018 takes businesses on a coordinated development pathway that provides the tools needed to enter and flourish within the Australian resources supply chain.

Resources Ready is an innovative new business capability development program from RESA. To be delivered across Australia to six regional industrial centres, or “nodes,” over six months, Resources Ready supports companies working in, or seeking to enter the Mining and Oil and Gas sectors to build their business capability and improve their resources strategy.

This structured program features a blended delivery model, combining local, experienced mentors with leading presenters from around the country. Companies will participate in high-energy, monthly workshop sessions combined with interactive online material delivered by subject matter experts.

Each node of the Resources Ready 2018 program will provide mentoring from an on-site business mentor. These mentors are experienced facilitators with a background in industry and provide local context. They will support your company to build expertise and apply concepts from online material to your business.

Participating companies will have the opportunity to collaborate and build networks in their local region to tackle big opportunities, and also expand their contacts and relationships to other Resources Ready nodes for true national supply chain engagement.

Resources Ready is for

  • Established resources suppliers looking to grow their business
  • Established companies looking to diversify and enter the sector
  • Innovation focused companies looking to apply their ideas to resources
  • Agile companies with a services focus


Resources Ready will support network development in regions, in line with best practise, with businesses involved in previous RESA programs forming collaborative business development groups and/or starting nodes for clustering opportunities.

Program Design

The program is designed to provide companies with a range of support during the course of the program, and is based upon learning and skills development methodology similar to that used in MBA and higher degree programs. In session content is recorded and available 24/7 through the RESA portal, along with additional supporting material and supporting information.

The program is intended for senior leaders and decision makers within companies, and people in growth and strategic focused roles. It is also suitable for emerging leaders in positions of influence.

Key presenters include

  • Procurement experts from major resource companies
  • Experienced facilitators from resource industry backgrounds
  • Key innovation experts
  • Marketing and Social Media professionals
  • Government support agencies

Each session is followed by one-to-one meetings with mentors discussing the participant’s specific issues and supporting the development of the company’s Resources Industry Growth Strategy.This facilitated and integrated delivery approach provides participants with ongoing engagement and networking, building program participants into collaborators on a business journey.

Resources Ready 2018 nodes

The inaugural Resources Ready nodes identified are

These regions will each take up to 16 participants in the program.

Workshop program

The Resources Ready program consists of six full day sessions, each geared around a primary theme:

  • Session 1: Introduction and Readiness
  • Session 2: Assessing your Business
  • Session 3: Building your Market Strategy
  • Session 4: Order Taker to Solution Maker
  • Session 5: Selling to the Resources Industry
  • Session 6: New Markets

Each session combines in classroom workshop activities with a local facilitator and streamed online presentations delivered to all nodes.

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