RESA - Unearthing Skills Solutions

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

RESA works to develop and deliver innovative responses to meet the current and future workforce and skills demands of the resources sector in South Australia

RESA works closely with:

  • Resource companies
  • Industry bodies
  • Government departments and agencies
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Training organisations
  • Councils, and
  • Suppliers

We identify the gaps in the skilled workforce in the resources sector and find ways to fill them by conducting programs that provide skills and training opportunities and encourage new workers into the resources sector.

RESA can advocate for specific groups to develop a broader workforce, such as women in mining, regional worker skills development, indigenous programs and student careers programs.

We understand the mining and resources sector cannot function without contribution from various supply chain businesses. Supply chain development is therefore another specific area of focus; development of businesses supporting the mining industry is just as necessary as development of the direct industry.

By conducting programs that provide skills and training opportunities; we aim to retain existing workers and encourage new employees into the resources sector.

RESA also completes research, contributing to policy development and giving insight to future workforce development programs and projects.