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Women in Resources, Energy & Defence

Women in Resources, Energy & Defence

RESA have worked in collaboration with likeminded industries such as defence and energy to review programs that influenced a greater uptake of women within these sectors. Studies have proven that the more diverse a workplace is the more efficient and productive it can be.

With this in mind, RESA and the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) worked on joint initiatives to assist the development of women and change leaders within both resources and defence, by developing programs around attracting and retaining women, as well as succession planning of female leaders within the sector.

Airforce Woman 498X360

Previous successful programs have included the "Women influencing Defence and Resources Industries” (WiDRI), which was a joint initiative of RESA and the DTC. Read more about this program.

RESA's career's website also focuses on diversity within the sector.

RESA is highly supportive of programs that assist employers to attract, retain and reap the rewards of women in resources minded workplaces and as such sit on the board of the "Australian Women in Resources Alliance" (AWRA) which is coordinated by AMMA. Find more information about AWRA.