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Compliance and Productivity

Compliance and Productivity

Employees must be adequately trained to ensure compliance and productivity when undertaking their work. To comply with legal obligations employers must to provide evidence which demonstrates their employees and subcontractors have adequately trained to undertake their roles.

RESA has developed a simple and effective process to review and analyse training systems and workforce competency requirements, Touchstone People – Compliance and Productivity.

Touchstone People - Compliance and Productivity is an independent review and analysis of training systems and workforce competency requirements. The review and analysis ensures your workplace has the right skills, in the right place, at the right time by utilising an effective workforce planning and development strategy.

This real time review of the capability of the current workforce and future workforce requirements is conducted to organisational priorities, focusing on a 12 – 24 month period.

The review and analysis will provide strategies for:

  • control of targeted, cost effective training systems & strategies;
  • review of critical competencies for job roles;
  • identification of skills gaps;
  • evidence of competency (compliance);
  • coverage of critical roles within the organisation;
  • a productive workforce;

Through a targeted review of:

  • competency profiles linked to job requirements;
  • skills gap analysis;
  • quantifiable training needs analysis;
  • strategies for addressing skills requirements;
  • training & development systems – compliance & assessment;
  • continuous improvement strategy.

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