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Workforce Engagement

Workforce Engagement

Workforce engagement is a significant challenge facing modern resources businesses.

The difficulty of large workforces, working in difficult conditions often in multiple locations, makes monitoring the engagement and wellbeing of workforces difficult. Low engagement is a significant predictor of psychological risk and organisational hazards and lowered productivity.

To improve the current methods of monitoring and measuring the level of engagement and the ‘mood’ of the workforce, which are often overly complicated, time consuming to administer, out of date before the report is available and expensive, RESA has developed Touchstone Pulse.

 Touchstone Pulse is a brand new independent way to monitor workforce engagement and wellbeing in near-real time. Data is collected through a simple app and aggregated to provide a measure of workforce engagement and wellbeing, both at the time of collection and over a pre-determined time period e.g. 3, 6 or 12 months.

Touchstone Pulse is:

  • Simple to set up
  • Easy for employees to use
  • Research backed, psychologically sound, statistically robust and
  • Fast to administer and receive results

Touchstone Workforce Engagement Analysis reporting provides a snapshot of employee engagement and wellbeing, reporting on:

  • key workforce element scores in comparison to established benchmarks
  • specific sub elements, enabling targeted strategies
  • percentile benchmarks ranking companies against like industries

Seven key defined elements addressed in reporting include:

  • Purposeful work
  • Management and performance
  • Working environment
  • Development culture
  • Leadership and Vision
  • Efficiency
  • Wellbeing

The Touchstone Pulse and its associated Workforce Engagement Analysis reporting give you the knowledge you need to help you build an efficient, productive, safe and happy workforce to achieve your business goals.

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