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Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning, development and retention are fundamental elements for resources companies’ successful future development. Elements of workforce planning enable resources companies to accurately pinpoint where, when and how staff will be sourced and up-skilled, ultimately ensuring that companies operate in an optimized productive environment. An effective workforce plan can be used to support strategic decision making, avoid litigation, evaluate programs and policies and support daily operational plans.

A fundamental requirement unique to the resources sector is a high degree of safety, due to the physical nature of many roles and the location of job sites involving a high degree of hazardous situations. The safety element is generally highly visible within a resources company workforce plan.


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Benefits at a Glance

  • Identification of future staffing requirements and any gaps or oversupply
  • A planned recruitment overview including time frames, skill levels, location and costs
  • A section on new jobs is often needed
  • Reduced costs by ensuring a company has the right staff at the right time can take on new projects seamlessly
  • Staff development needs & satisfaction levels can be better identified & impact retention

RESA is a strong advocate of workforce planning and strongly encourages you to consider this valuable tool for your business - particularly if you're keen to see a productivity improvement.

To obtain an obligation free quote to develop your workforce plan contact Jodie Badcock at RESA.