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Workforce Scoping Study


1) Download the survey template and save to your PC/document folder

2) Complete the Company Profile section

3) Complete the Workforce Data and Projections 

4) Save the survey

5) Email the completed survey to:

If you have any questions or require assistance contact RESA CEO Jodie Badcock: 

About this project

Workforce Scoping Study – Upper Spencer Gulf Suppliers

The 2023 Upper Spencer Gulf Skill and Workforce Summit, supported by RESA, highlighted the need to better understand and represent the workforce and skills priorities of regional operations. 

We understand that data is key to informing decision making, policy and strategy for addressing these priorities.

As critical suppliers across the Upper Spencer Gulf, we now invite TACTIC members to participate in a Workforce Scoping Study which will provide industry lead insight into the current and emerging workforce demands across the industry at the occupational level. 

This project will complement the industry insights reporting of Regional Development Australia, South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy, Skills SA and our own Hiring Intentions reporting. It will also support the development of place based strategies to support operations across the Upper Spencer Gulf.

RESA intends to report aggregated data which will highlight:

  • Occupations currently in demand

  • Skills Shortages

  • Critical Skills

  • Forecast demand (at the occupational level)

  • Emerging occupations

  • Early indicators of demand to inform strategic responses

  • Other challenges of regional operations


This information can be used to highlight regional skills priorities and inform the development of skills and workforce development strategies to support regional businesses and build capability.

RESA has developed simple templates to support this process however, organisations may submit workforce data in other formats, if available/preferred.

We understand there may be some sensitives around workforce data related to forecast activities and will ensure appropriate disclaimers are made relating to certainty of projects and use of the data.  We will also maintain confidentiality through aggregation of data throughout the reporting stages.

We will be collecting responses until 17th November 2023.

For further information about this project, or assistance with completing the survey please contact RESA CEO Jodie Badcock:


m: 0438 829 000

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