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Skills & Workforce

RESA's Role

RESA's overarching priorities relate specifically to supporting programs and activities that will deliver the skills and workforce required in the South Australian Mining and METS sector.  

Simple - right? 

There are a range of complexities in achieving a skilled workforce.  We take a strategic approach to understanding:

  • industry hiring trends 

  • critical skills and priorities for growth

  • skill shortages

  • the challenges of attraction, retention and progression in our industries

  • the range of strategies and challenges that apply across the sub-sectors of industry for point of entry, operator, trades/maintenance, technician and professional occupations.

RESA has demonstrated capability and a range of tools and services to support companies to:

  • carry out workforce planning and analysis

  • identify and implement strategic solutions to skills priorities

  • demonstrate workforce capability and compliance

  • identify funding support for enterprise skills initiatives

  • develop collaborative partnerships to implement skilling solutions

We actively engage with national and state industry forums to identify and access the best of the strategic solutions available to support our stakeholders.  These include:

National Forums

Metalliferous Mining Industry Reference Committee: Industry advisory group to advise on the competency framework for surface operations, underground mining and resource processing

Drilling Industry Reference Committee: Industry advisory group to advise on the competency framework for oil and gas and mineral exploration drilling.

Mining Skills Organisation Pilot: Industry working group to the support the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) in developing timely skilling solutions within the national competency framework and in strategic projects to address industry skills priorities.

State Forums

Construction, Mining and Energy Industry Skills Council: Industry advisory group providing support to the Training and Skills Commission and Department for Innovation and Skills in identifying skills priorities and strategic solutions for industry in South Australia.

Contact us for more information.

Workforce Planning
RESA's Workforce Planning Support

RESA has developed a comprehensive workforce analysis process that supports industry to gain a clear understanding of current and future skills priorities and develop the strategies to ensure a ready and able workforce. You can do it yourself using our tools or contact us for support.   



Workforce Insights Data Tool

The South Australian Training and Skills Commission has launched a Workforce Insights Data Tool to provide a central point of access to understand the industry skills priorities and challenges with input from stakeholders.  RESA has been able to support the development of the tool for the mining industry sector by undertaking industry consultation to  provide insights relating to Critical Skills for Growth and Skills Shortages.



Workforce Engagement
Support for Industry
Traineeships and Apprenticeships

Australian Apprenticeships provide a wide range of opportunities to engage and develop a skilled workforce, with funding support for training, apprentice participation and employer incentives on offer.  



Choosing a Training Partner

Do you need a training provider or a training partner?


Generally, best results are achieved through training partnerships between industry and training organisations (RTO's) that have the capability and willingness to contextualise delivery and assessment to drive competency in the workplace. The attached RTO Checklist was developed by SkillsDMC, as the national industry skills council, in consultation with mining company representatives.  The checklist provides a framework for industry to  carry out an evidence based assessment to identify the 'best fit' provider. 


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